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Artisan Market
NCW Quilt & Fiber Art Festival
Policies and Procedures

Must be a member of the NCW Quilt Guild to sell at the Artisan Market.  Vendors must work at least one shift at the sales tables on Friday or Saturday.  Pricing must be on provided tags with the name of the vendor. And securely attached to item, preferably with safety pins.  All large items should note the size of the item on tag.  All items should be identified as to what it is.  All items submitted to the market are to be appropriate to the show. Note:  Chair people reserve the right to deny any items deemed inappropriate for sale.  All items submitted for sale are taxable and will be added at the time of sale.  Tags and inventory sheets are available, they must be filled out completely with item number and the name of the vendor. Please tag every item.  Proceeds of the sale are split with 15% going to the Quilt Guild and 85% going to the vendor.  Guild not liable for stolen items.  Becky will collect your items at the July Guild meeting July 26. She will meet you if necessary to collect your items. Please call 509-669-7993.  At the close of the sale, committee members will gather up unsold items and take them to a check out table. These items will need to be crossed off your inventory sheet by a committee member before you remove them from the Town Toyota Center. Please be patient as we are making sure you will be paid properly for your sales. Pick up will not be before 5:00 pm on the last day of the show at Town Toyota Center.

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