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Our 2023 featured local artist is Lesley Allan

Lesley’s mother taught her to sew when she was ten and she made many articles of clothing over the
years. She made her first quilt when she was in high school – a very simple rail fence, tied with yarn
with a wool blanket inside! You will be able to see it at the show. Over the years, she improved and
developed her quilting skills and ultimately joined the North Central Washington Quilt Guild in the early
90’s. Membership in the guild has contributed greatly to Lesley’s work as a quilter, as she is inspired by
and has learned from the many accomplished artists in the NCWQG.

Lesley loves to work with bright colors and this passion can be seen in most of her work. She is also
inspired by family and life events, and has made quilts to celebrate milestone birthdays, educational and
athletic accomplishments and the arrival of many children of friends and family! She enjoys making
quilts that are a bit whimsical and has embraced the opportunities that applique provides in this regard.

For the last several years, Lesley has also been a member of the round robin “Wenatchee Art Quilt
Organization” (or Wackos, for short). This amazing group of quilters has helped Lesley take her quilting
to a new level. Many of her most recent quilts are original designs, some improvised, some made
without use of a ruler, etc. Lesley loves the freedom that this approach to quilting provides and the joy
of coming up with a fun creation!

Lesley is also a member of the relatively new Central Washington branch of the Modern Quilt Guild.
Again, Lesley finds that interacting with this group of avid quilters has sparked new ideas and directions
in her quilting journey.

Lesley’s “day job” for more than 22 years was as a Chelan County Superior Court judge. For Lesley,
quilting provided a happy and uplifting and happy break from her more serious daily responsibilities.
Since her retirement in 2021, she has been able to devote more time to quilting.

Lesley’s sister, Holly, is also an avid quilter and they sometimes collaborate on projects. Lesley and Holly
are now passing on the tradition of quilting to great-nieces Catherine (13), Gaby (12), Charlotte (10) and
Maddie (9).

Lesley gives thanks to her late mother, Margaret, for teaching her to sew, and also to her father,
Graham, who taught creativity at the University of Washington for more than 40 years and has inspired
Lesley to realize that there are no limits to creativity.

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