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North Central Washington Quilt Guild
2023 Quilt a
nd Fiber Art Festival

Entry deadline is Friday, July 1, 2023

A separate form is required for each entry

Non-Guild members are asked to pay a $5.00 entry fee per quilt entered.

Security will be provided throughout the show.


Please complete one entry form per quilt and mail to the address provided no later than Friday July 1, 2023

Because this is our first show post-covid, we anticipate many entries and we are excited to see what you've been sewing!  However, we may run out of space to display all the quilts so we ask that you prioritize your entries with a number, one being the most important, then two, and so on, so that we can meet everyone's requests.  We will process all the top priority quilts first, then the number 2's, then the 3's, etc.  Please know that we will do our best to hang all the entered quilts and that we appreciate your understanding as we navigate this year.

Site: Avamere 1550 Cherry Street, Wenatchee

(in the sitting area down the hall to the right of the dining room)

Sunday Aug 6th 11am - 2pm

Monday Aug 7th 4pm - 6pm

A receiving table will be set up in the Avamere sitting room during the above times only for receiving
entries. A receipt will be given for the items received; you must have this receipt to retrieve
your quilt after the show. Fold entries with the right, lower front corner on the top.

If you need to make special delivery arrangements, Jill Therriault in advance of take-in at 670-5318

Items will not be accepted unless an entry form was submitted by the July 1 deadline.

Pick-up Site: Town Toyota Center, Crunch Pak Room
Pick-up Time: 5:45 PM
The following procedures are for your protection. Please honor them.
1. A receipt must be presented in order to pick up each item.
2. Items must be picked up between 5:45 - 7:00 PM
3. No items will leave prior to the stated time, or without a receipt.
4. No one other than authorized personnel will be allowed into the Quilt Show area while quilts are
being prepared for return
5. If you are unable to pick up your quilt, please make arrangements to have someone pick it up for
you. (They must have the receipt.) Mailing of items to their owners will not be available.

Please keep a copy of this page for your reference.
Entry deadline is Friday, July 1, 2023.

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